Member Policy

English Library is a program under Yayasan Harapan Rakyat (YHR). YHR is an social-humanity organization which conducting the non-profit activity of “Community Development”

1.      Minimum 17 years old by the time applying as a member.

2.      Membership and its right can only be used by a member whose name is on the membership card.

3.      Uphold the values of Yayasan Harapan Rakyat.

4.      English Library is the resource of informal education; every member is require to dress respectfully while visiting the English Library.

5.      Politics and business activity are not allowed in the English Library area.

6.      Membership is valid for 1 (one) year and is available to be extend.

7.      Every member is required to

          a.  Not producing any noise that will disturb others, Chit - Chat Corner is exceptional.

           b.  Take care of every facility and equipment in the English Library, if the damage happened out of negligence, the consequence will be charged to fix and or                    replace it with the new one.

            c.  Member who uses pantry utensils (plate, glass, spoon, etc) is responsible to clean it up. Except when there is a special event and party.

8.      Members are allowed to eat in the English Library - 4th (fourth) floor. 


Where can I find English Library
Jl. Residen Abdul Rozak No. 39 E, Palembang 30114