Mini Libraries

The Mini Library program is a program in the field of education that we continue to implement, namely by providing reading resource books in English in schools and outside Palembang. We believe that the availability of English-language reading materials in schools will be a great motivation for students to learn and improve their English skills. 

Currently, there are 16 Mini Libraries located in schools that we continue to manage and work together with. These schools are:

1. SDN 1 Seridalem Tanjung Raja

2. SDN 2 Jatisari (Ex)

3. SDN 3 Mariana

4. SDN 185 PUSRI

5. SMA Negeri 1 Tanjung Raja

6. SMAN 1 Madang Suku Rasuan

7. SMAN 3 Kayu Agung

8. SMP PGRI 11 Palembang

9. SMPN 2 Prabumulih

10. SMPN 3 Sei Lilin

11. SMPN 33 Palembang

12. SMPN 45 Palembang

13. SMAN 1 Muara Enim

14. SMAN 2 Muara Enim

15. SMAN 6 Prabumulih

16. SMUN 1 Sungai Lilin       

Every four months according to the schedule that has been prepared, we will exchange books in these schools so students can have access to a variety of books. This being, one more way that we can contribute to the community to improve their English skills. 

Where can I find English Library
Jl. Residen Abdul Rozak No. 39 E, Palembang 30114