Yayasan Harapan Rakyat is a non-profit social foundation, which focuses its activities in the field of Community Development. Harapan Rakyat Foundation was born out of a great longing and deep concern for the creation of an independent and prosperous Indonesian society. The Harapan Rakyat Foundation was first established in Jakarta but, the administrators began to look at other regions or cities that had needs or problems in the community; that area being Southern Sumatra. After studying the needs in South Sumatra the foundation saw to major needs; the lack of clean water sources and limited access for the public to know the outside world  or foreign culture (foreigners). Seeing these needs and capabilities possessed by the foundation, it was decided to implement community empowerment activities in one of the provinces, South Sumatra.

        The Harapan Rakyat Foundation was established by Notary Act Ny. Judi K.H.Sentana. S.H. M.H. number : 3 dated May 3, 2005, SK KEMENKUMHAM RI number C-1335. HT. 01.02 of 2005. In order to achieve the desired goals and dreams behind its founding, the Harapan Rakyat Foundation began community development activities in Palembang with foreign volunteers moving in two fields namely health and education. 

       In the next development, the Harapan Rakyat Foundation also open a branch in the city of Lampung with a Notary deed, Sri Dahliawaty MNG, S.H., MKn number ; 3 of 2006 in Lampung. The activities carried out also focused on two (2) fields namely the `English Center` and distribution of Ceramic Water Pot Filter, to the people in need.

       In 2017 , remembering that the foundation does not have full-time staff who can carry out community development in the city of Lampung, and consideration it`s primary focus to be South Sumatra, in a confirmation document numbered 65 dated 27 July 2017 issued by Ny. Notary Judi Sentana, S.H, M.H made the following decision: move the location of the Harapan Rakyat Foundation to Palembang ( South Sumatra) and close the branch in Lampung. This affirmation deed has received the approval of KEMENKUMHAM, of the Republic Indonesia numbered; AHU-AH.01.06-0006030 dated July 31, 2017.

Where can I find English Library
Jl. Residen Abdul Rozak No. 39 E, Palembang 30114