a. Chit - Chat Corner

Chit - Chat Corner is one of the main activities held at the English Library as a concrete step in helping others increase their education. Chit - Chat Corner is held every Friday at 16.00 until 20.00. During Chit - Chat Corner all members of the English Library are given the opportunity and freedom to interact directly with our foreign volunteers.

During this activity, members can improve English through games, discuss topics that are happening in Palembang, Indonesia, even in other part of the world. Participants can discuss the culture of the volunteers and various cultures of Indonesia that are very different. Participants will also have the opportunity to ask about English assignments and or English language rules such as grammar.  

Through this activity, foreign volunteers can help English Library members in using good and correct pronunciation in English conversations. Through this practice, members who come can further their English language skills and feel a significant increase in skills, and of course in a fun way.

                b. Children Activities 

We realized that children are a part of the nation`s future and must be prepared early to become the nation`s successor who has excellence quality. Realizing this, we provide Children`s Activities in the English Library as a place for them to improve their English skills. Children Activities are held every week on Wednesday at 3.30 pm. During this time, children can learn and practice English with Native Speakers. Activities are carried out in an interesting and fun way, such as Native Speaker will read a story from a children`s `Story Telling` book. After reading the story, the childrens are encourage to participate in a discussion about the book and are invited to make various crafts pertaining to the story.

                c. Seminars

The English Library conducts seminars that are open to the general public and members in particular. Seminars are based on various topics whose purpose is to increase the knowledge of the participants. The seminars are usually held on a different day with Chit - Chat Corner so that the Chit - Chat Corner activity can still be a place for members to interact one another.

Seminars offer the members the opportunity to add insight into languages other than English. For Example, foreign volunteers who are fluent in Spanish were able to provide a seminar for members who were interested in learning Spanish. Healthy Living Seminar, provided members the opportunity to discuss healthy ways of life with Native Speakers and among other members. Acting Seminar, taught members about various acting techniques and provided participants a time to practice acting with Native Speakers and other members. Through these seminar activities all members of the English Library can further their knowledge and insight as well as further improve their English language skills.

                d. Visiting The English Library

The English Library always strives to be consistent in developing the community since it began operating in 2006. By serving the surrounding community, many people have the opportunity to visit or tour the English Library in groups, both from within the city and outside the city of Palembang.

Every institution or organization that visits the English Library has the opportunity to see and find out about the English Library directly and meet with Native Speakers in the English Library. During the tour, visitors are given the opportunity to have discussions with native speakers and sometimes they have prepared topics such as asking about our native speaker culture and / or the use of English. If time and the program allows the visitors will have the opportunity to play games with Native Speakers thereby further increase their language practice. 

                e. Visiting Other Institutions

 On occasion, the English Library is often invited by both schools and other informal institutions to be involved with English-language activities or competitions such as judges or as speakers. By being involved in these activities the English Library is helping to achieve the goals of the foundation.  We are always happy to receive invitations from various institutions, although it is not uncommon for some institutions to be disappointed because we are not able to fulfill the invitation due to inappropriate timing.

The English Library values the time spent visiting other institutions for we believe that this is a way to interact and be involved in increasing public knowledge in the field of education and English in particular. The aim to be achieved by the Harapan Rakyat Foundation is an independent society, including in the education sector. Driven by motivation to develop the community, the English Library always gives heart and time to support the progress of the surrounding community. When we are able to help fill as a judge or give a seminar, all of these contributions are free to the community.

f. Fall Festival

              In addition to various opportunities at the English Library, we also conducts activities that are useful for its members, in addition to improving English skills, they can learn American culture. One of the activities that are routinely held annually by the English Library is the Fall Festival.

           In general, Indonesian people know more about Halloween Festival as an activity that is often celebrated in America where participants put on scary clothes with satanic symbols, sorcerers and accents that are negative. What is often unknown is that the Fall Festival is a celebration held as a thanksgiving to God for the harvest season. This culture is certainly almost the same as the meaning of culture in some regions in Indonesia which has a celebration of gratitude for the harvest of agricultural products, only carried out in a different way. At the Fall Festival, participants wear costumes with interesting themes, but are more positive. For example, the themes that are often used in the clothes worn are: hero costume, nature costume or funny costumes.

          The English Library choses to hold a Fall Festival because they want to share their knowledge of positive culture with English Library members. During Fall Festival activities, each member will wear unique costumes such as hero themes or other themes. Interestingly, the English Library members raised heroes from Indonesian folklore such as Gatot Kaca, Arjuna and others. Fall Festival activities include, games such as games musical chairs and fruit basket pick up. There are also various competitions with prizes, door prizes and potluck.

            Potluck is one aspect of American culture where everyone brings their own favorite food and in turn share these foods together. Through this activity, it is expected that every member of the English Library can learn a positive culture from America, practice their English more and invite the general public to know the English Library and join as members in the English Library.

g. Organized Activities

The English Library continues to carry out activities in order to achieve the vision of the foundation, namely to achieve the autonomy and prosperity of the people of South Sumatra. Therefore, the English Library continues to develop activities that can help members improve their English skills.

Dancing Class is an example of one of the activities held at the English Library. It has attracted the interest of female members because this activity is specifically for women. In this activity the members have the opportunity to learn to dance, learn culture (because the dances learned are outside dances such as salsa, samba, cha-cha), and also improve English skills.

Dancing Class is held every Thursday at 4:00 p.m. until 5:00 p.m. when the instructor is in town.  With these activities, members can join in accordance with their schedules. Through activities carried out at the English Library, we believe that we can improve people`s intelligence and the quality of life of the people of South Sumatra in general, and Palembang in particular.

Where can I find English Library
Jl. Residen Abdul Rozak No. 39 E, Palembang 30114